Game for Victory
after work we make games
A game for a company of 2-5 people. Help the spirit of the forest solve all puzzles in the allotted time Play now!.
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To be honest, I've been thinking about how to decrypt g4v for three days. And I can't think of it.

My name is Sergey, I am from Russia. I work as a programmer.

As a child, I made board games, then I made flash games. But no one has ever played them except my brother and sister. This did not bother me) Recently, after work, I decided to take a look with one eye at what Unity is (it's such a program for creating games). And I was sucked in) I started making a game based on Japanese mythology. My brother, Sasha and his friend Dima, help with programming. And my wife's sister Alena is an artist. She drew everything.

Kodama and the Reader - a team computer game: one player must choose the path and complete the tasks encountered along the way, and the rest, looking at it, must decide whether the chosen path is safe. If your friends just dropped by, you can play it right on this site NOW >>>

I decided to create this site not only to publish the game. I would like to meet other developers. I created a channel in telegram - write there - we will chat with pleasure.

We have a few more game ideas. For example, we want to make a game that aims to train artificial intelligence. (which will have to fly to a distant planet and communicate there with the discovered civilization).

You can also give us money so that we have more opportunities to do development (at least we will buy a paid version of Unity :). Of course, we would like our games to become incredibly popular, and we would earn all the money in the world, but we would like even more, to make our games good, to allow us to communicate more and to push us to communicate with each other.

Thank you for visiting this site)

P.S. if you can figure out how to decrypt G4V - be sure to write. It is very important :)